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As a lifelong fashion entrepreneur I contributed to some of the world's biggest social and environmental problems, and I was not even aware of it.
But, when you know better, you must do better, right? 

I started to ask myself how my love for style could change the world.

I was called on a mission to change the way we consume, value and experience fashion, benefiting everyone involved. Join me on my quest to turn fashion into a powerful force for good.

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Catch the latest styling inspo! Watch me explore hidden possibilities in my wardrobe. 


What women are saying...

 "A big heartfelt thank you to Mirella!"

I felt completely unjudged and warmly held and seen. I found our session to be so in flow! We covered a whole range of reasons that led to my current situation. Mirella helped me find confidence in areas that I never thought I would find - I learned how to apply it to getting dressed in a convenient, yet stylish way on a day to day basis.! It was truly inspirational…


"Mirella helped me to match my wardrobe with my inner growth!"

The insecurity and lack of self-love I walked around with for years also translated into my clothes. My outfits had to be safe and unobtrusive (read black, gray & simple). Many years of Inner work made me a completely different person. Only, my wardrobe was still a representation of my 'old me'. Mirella helped me to match my wardrobe with my inner growth. 

Through the many styling tips I now have a much better idea of how I can play with different clothing combinations, and how I can wear clothes in several different ways. My gratitude is great, because in addition to beautiful new pieces in my wardrobe, I can now also do more with what I already had, and I know how to make aligned choices in the future that suit me as I am now!


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Send me a picture or video of any outfit you want my expert stylist review on.

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Confident Queen session 

Have you been hiding yourself for way too long? Tired of looking like everyone else? Or finally ready to courageously find out who you truly are, and learn to dress accordingly?

Than this deep dive, exploratory coaching call is the best fit or you

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"Thank you for that, it was really refreshing to learn more about conscious fashion!! I absolutely LOVE what you’re doing, Mirella. I also learned soooo much just with the content you shared after the quiz! It was very inspiring. I was never a big fashion person… I loved to look at fashion and could always appreciate the beauty of it, but I never applied it to myself. I can't wait to learn more!"

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In a time where big changes are all around us, nothing could seem less important than dressing yourself, right? 
But what if... dressing yourself with intention could actually help shape a better world?
What if...expressing your uniqueness in a way that's in alignment with your Highest Self brings forth the shift in consciousness that our world desperately needs right now? 


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Sustainability - The Missing Piece

Share your views on fast fashion, buying clothes off the rack and the impact on the environment. Not only that, but sweatshops and toxic materials and all the bad stuff. Then share a few ways they can start creating a smarter more sustainable wardrobe. Share what they can do - not how to do it. Gotta leave something for them to pay for.